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why health insurance is essential & Important ?

Health Insurance is very important aspect of our life. Now a days with hospitalization & medical costs sky rocketing health insurance is a necessity rather than a luxury.

Still many people are not insured or are under insured with a mere 2-3 Lacs of health cover when major critical illness packages like for Cancer & Heart surgery starts from 3.5 Lacs onwards.

Below are the benefits of health insurance.

  • It protects you and your family financially in the event of an unexpected serious illness or injury that could be very expensive.
  • You needhealth insurance because you cannot predict what your medical bills will be.
  • As age increases with age it comes BP (hypertension) & Diabetes. After these conditions its difficult to get a health insurance. So its always better to have it when you are healthy.
  • We also know that there is a link between having health insurance and getting better health care. Research shows that people with health insurance are more likely to have a regular doctor and to get care when they need it.
  • With cashless health insurance you don’t have to manage funding for hospitalization. So you can live a worry free life, knowing any expenses can be taken care by your health insurance policy.
  • After certain age its difficult to get a health insurance.
  • If you have health insurance, you will have peace of mind in knowing that you are protected from most of these costs. You should not wait until you or a family member becomes seriously ill to try to purchase health insurance.

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