Market Review 2017 – Nifty at life high on 2017 end

Nifty_2016-2017_33% reeturns

Its the year-end 2017 & we will be welcoming New year 2018. It’s a high time to look back & analyze how markets perform in 2017. Nifty & Sensex both closed on lifetime high. Nifty @ 10530 & Sensex @ 34056.

Due to the announcement of demonetization on 8 November 2016 markets were at rock bottom.

Nifty created a low of 7929 on 21 November 2016 & again lower low of 7908 on 26 Dember 2016 creating a panic like situation. people were scared and removing their money, there were fears market will crash as this was the 8th year from the previous crash of 2008 sub prime bubble.

From that rock bottom markets recovered like a phoenix bird who rises from the ashes to take the sky again in an incredible feat. Markets solid recovery in spite of the glooming scenario of demonetization & GST fears is amazing. this too in the atmosphere where   FII ( Foreign Institutional Investors ) were constantly selling & Indian investors were buying at every deep. This market recovered on Indian investors money which is a good & healthy sign.

From the panic & gloom of November 2016 to the euphoria of December 2017 markets ie. Nifty is up by 2622 points ie. 

From bottom of 7908 created on 26 December 2016 To

Lifetime high of  10,530 created on 29 December 2017  = 2622 pt.

that’s the 33 % returns from December 2016 to December 2017. that a feat to achieve as earlier said on Indian investors money. that shows in future we can say markets are in safe hand provided Indian money fill come into markets as Interest rates are on the decline.

Markets taught us a lot in ups & down, just need to listen what markets are signaling & be caution.

since 2017 was fruitful with fantastic returns, money has already been made, we can expect muted returns. In 2018 decent returns of 10 % will be good, we can’t expect windfall returns like 2017. that another story if markets want to bless us with good returns.

Let me know how you find this article & share your feedback……Happy Investing

Thanks……& Happy & Prosperous New year 2018.





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