CARE Ratings traded in October

CARE in Sep & Oct 2017

CARE Ratings has corrected from its high of 1800 to 1300 around. saw a very good opportunity to buy a good stock at cheap price.

CARE Bought in 2 different occassions ( in CASH markets)

1st QTY bought on 29 September 2017 @ 1375.60

added some more

2nd QTY bought on26 Ocober 2017 @ 1375.60

It corrected on 6 November 2017 from 1537 & closed @ 1516

generating returns of 8 % in 40 days approx.

Hi....I'm Founder of Icarus Wealth, Financial adviser, Positional Trader & trading coach. Very passionate about helping & empowering people to achieve their Financial freedom.

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