Why We need to work on our passion & alternate income sources.



Due to more changing global scenario & automation there are already job cuts in IT industry & Banking sector. Both are the leading job creating sectors in India.

For IT job cuts the reason given by companies is performance & lack of up gradation of skills in the middle & higher management.

with automation  & couple of other reasons there will be likely more job cuts. As employees are not updating their skills, & not learning new skills.

Also these employees has a habit of living pay check to pay check. As home loan & car loan eat their salary. So there is a need to look beyond this paycheck mindset.

 This is the reason why everyone must have alternate source of income. As permanent job is just an illusion & rather than a reality and we need to acknowledge it.

We need to accept it, & start building our alternate & passive income source. Else we will be end up looking for job at the age of 40 -45-50. Surrounded by our insecurities with installments of home loan & car loan hanging around our heads as swords.

Still Picture is not that gloomy as unconventional jobs will be created in some sectors.


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But we need to be alert & proactive to grab these opportunities.

We need to develop a mindset to learn, learn everyday something new. & try to adopt & embrace the change rather than oppose or resist it.

some Jobs exist now that we’d never heard of a decade ago. 


App developer

Cloud computing specialist

Big data analyst/data scientist

YouTube content creators

So there is hope, If we can transform our passion into work & monetize it…..Our work won’t be laborious or mundane.

We need to LIVE our PASSION, We need to LIVE our DREAMS.

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